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Religious Center

Access our collection of religious materials for multi-religion culture including al-Quran, al-Hadith, Islamic books, Christian bibles and etc. Most of them are free and enjoy our built-in search engine to speedup your research on big text web-book.


Al-Quran Search

Our state-of-the-art al-Quran Search for ummah. Most comprehensive and accurate al-Quran search ever built on internet to search over 6323 ayat of al-Quran in Arabic using UTF-8 charset and search over more than 30 world translations.


Al-Hadith Search

Most comprehensive hadith search engine on earth to search over 6 books of hadith with 40000+ hadith in Arabic and English. Search in Sahih bukhari, Sahih muslim, Tarmizi, Nasaie, Abi daud, Ibnu Majah.