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At Iman4u, we developed our application so that we can uphold our iman and Islam with harmony in our mind. Our web creativities are focused on iman management, knowledge and daily ibadah application, all in one place. Join us today for absolutely free.

We know there are multi islamic websites like us, but we are difference. Try our most accurate search engine for al-quran and hadith, al-Quran ricitration and latest is our Ibadah Dairy. All free and for all Muslims.

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Al-Quran Recitation

Best al-Quran HTML5 online Player with more than 30 imam's recitation and on-screen ayat presentation. Equipped with more than 30 world translations, no downloads are required. Audio streaming directly to your browser, at home or office.

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Al-Quran Search

Our state-of-the-art al-Quran Search for ummah. Most comprehensive and accurate al-Quran search ever built on internet to search over 6323 ayat of al-Quran in Arabic using UTF-8 charset and search over more than 30 world translations.

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Al-Hadith Search (Arabic)

Most comprehensive hadith search engine on earth to search over 9 books of hadith with 62000+ hadith in Arabic. Search in Sahih bukhari, Sahih muslim, Tarmizi, Nasaie, Abi daud, Ibnu Majah, Musnad Ahmad, Muwatta' and Darimi.

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