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Welcome to Iman4u.com

Iman4u.com is an Islamic application provider based in Malaysia. Malaysia is a well-known moderate Islamic state/country with strong practices of Islam via sunni approach and tied effectively with al-Quran and as-Sunnah. Iman4u.com is collectively a group of Islamic application developed to help muslim to have greater impact in thier spiritual life, using the internet. The application try to be interactively social and developed with the concept of al-Quran based knowledge management. We also have an exclusive membership program to support monetary need of our operation. Thank you for your visit.

About Author

Iman4u.com is one of the community work by NaymCreative. Please visit our website at NaymCreative.com for more info and more of our webwork for you. Have a nice day.

  • Al-Quran Based Knowledge

    Centralized al-Quran Application

    Iman4u.com has a backbone knowledge management system started with al-Quran known as Al-Quran Center. This application consist of nearly 40 translation of al-Quran all over the world. The application has a strong application to search over the text and interactively show the result. We also provide an expandables hadith application known as Hadith Center with the same capabilities.

  • Interactive & creative in funtionality

    Uniquely developed with Muslim needs.

    Our remarkable application development as a great contribution to Ummah is absolute search engine of al-Quran and al-Hadith. Our search engine will help you to locate an ayat or hadith instantly. We also focus our development to other iman based application for your ibadah and knowledge.

  • Strong Hardware Support

    We host our application on Cloud

    Iman4u.com hosted on Virtual Private Server provided by DigitalOcean. We dream to upgrade our networking infrustructure support to let this application run smoothly without incidents. Please support us so that we can provide more sophisticated web application with great hardware support.

Our big dreem is to become world major Islamic application.

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Latest Technology

We provde best technology in web development for Da'wah.

Smart and Flexible

The application streamlined with our modern look and feel.

Remarkable Functions

We focused on funtionality that need most by Ummah from different region.